The identity of our youth

When we were kids we use to go outside and pick up sticks and pretend to be pirates, or at least I did. Our childhood was always about pretending and having an imagination. What happened to those days?! Today we spend our time with electronics and gadgets, I mean I am typing on a computer, but where is our identity? We use to have friends and play games and now we put all our worth into how many likes we got, or how many people re-tweeted our tweet, or vine videos. We put all of our worth into a social app that we lose sight of everything else. Social interaction is now tweeting someone not going to their house and playing pretend under a blanket fort.

We can go so many more places in our imaginations than we can ever on a computer. We have lost sight of what is important and we have closed ourselves off to our life. I miss the days of building tree houses and being a pirate on the seas. I miss fighting robots and being a cross-country adventurer. I miss being a kid and I hate this adult life. 

Voice for the oppressed

Since when has the US government been able to tell its people what to do? When has the seat as the Leader of the Free Nation become a power trip? It was my impression that the United States Government was an employee of the citizens of the United States. I do not remember learning that liars and crooks where to rule over us, or any ruler being placed over us for that manner. The government works for the people.

The seat as President has become much of a “rat race” to see who wins. Slanderous television ads have come out over the years leading up to the elections, on both sides of the debate. Both Republicans and Democrats have lower themselves to the level of pre-school age children. It is an embarrassment to the people of this nation to have juvenile men and women sitting over them. There is never a good choice for an election, it is always the “lesser of two evils”. If you are going to look for an honest politician might as well be looking for unicorns. 

All the blame cannot be put on the government, no, the people have just as much blame on them also. The people have a voice, if they choose to express it is their own desire. The people can choose to not elect crooked politicians. No one has to vote, the freedom to demand an honest person is there. The freedom to boycott any election is there. America is the land of the FREE, not the land of the cursed. 

No longer do we have to be burned by immature peoples of the government. We can take a stand and we can say we want to re-boot our government to where it is the best for us. We do not have to sit by and watch as our legacy as the Greatest Nation on earth is thrown out the widow thanks to a bunch of insufficient dunce.

We are the American Peoples and we have a voice.

Fish broke someone’s line and kept the hook as trophies (Taken with Instagram)

Fish broke someone’s line and kept the hook as trophies (Taken with Instagram)

An artist at work!

An artist at work!


I love the fact that we are all different. That every person is attracted to different things and different people. I love the fact that our hearts fall in love with people, music, nature, etc. I love the fact that we can love.

The reason I love this so much is because this shows that our God crafted us all as an individual. God placed our love in our hearts because he Loves. We are made in the image of God. He loves us so much he made us all unique. We should all have a common Love of God, and from that we can love others.


In a point in my life where stress is a normal thing, I learn to deal.

I have played music for 9 years now and it is the greatest thing I have ever done. Playing music is an escape for me. Being able to create something most people cannot is amazing. I love listening to music too but I can listen to my favorite band all day and not get a quarter of the enjoyment I would from playing something I love for 5 minutes. 

Stress eats at me and eats at who I am, but God gave me music so I can worship him. He also knows that through that it reduces my stress. My point tonight is Love God, do something you love and worship. It is a privilege and a honor to do something so small for the Creator of all. God will reward you for Loving Him. Maybe not in a way you want, maybe not even in this life, but God Loves you and He Loves for you to do stuff you love to do.

Live every moment with a mind set to worship. 

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